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Bootstrap Dashboard Templates

Bootstrap admin templates are design mock-ups for an existing website admin panel that make it visually appealing and easy to operate.

When building a brand-new website, the tendency is to think more about the front-end part of the project. Still, even if you aren’t creating a site from scratch, but having a revamp of a current one, you should take care of the backend side as well. What you need is a top-notch and rich in features admin panel. Take notice, though, that the Bootstrap themes in this selection will fit only a website with an already existing dashboard. In case you don’t have one, you won’t make any use of these themes!

The website administration part should be easy in use and pleasing to the eyes as well. This is why, there is plenty of html dashboard templates online. Basically, an admin dashboard template is a set of design elements for the admin panel interface. So, if you’re looking for solid dashboard themes, you’ve come to the right place!

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线Most of the modern admin dashboard designs are based on Bootstrap 3 framework. It is a convenient in use and easy to modify mobile-first framework. Besides, it comes packed with numerous widgets and extra components. It renders well on different screen sizes and resolutions, so your Bootstrap dashboard template will always look consistent and clean.

Every Bootstrap dashboard theme from this collection can be used as a ready-made solution for the admin panel of your website. All dashboard themes have a clean, valid and well-structured code. Speaking of extra functionality, there are a few things to point out. For instance, some of the Bootstrap dashboard examples have beautifully designed widgets for analytics. And many dashboard examples have integrated “admin forms” enriched with custom elements and widgets. Besides, there can be various menu types and extra page layouts to choose from depending on the dashboard framework you’ve selected.

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线These responsive Bootstrap admin templates have professional designs to suit the real-life projects. They are compatible with all modern web browsers. The Top-notch Plugin will ensure quick and headache-free installation and customization of your dashboard theme. As for the “On-Off” variables, they allow using only needed elements as well as reducing the file size.

Please mind, these great admin templates are HTML/jQuery user interface kits. There are no PHP files included in the package. And, if you have limited knowledge of web development, we’d recommend you to use the services of a professional web designer. In case you face any trouble while installing, customizing or using these Bootstrap themes for admin panel, don’t panic! TemplateMonster’s professional free 24/7 tech support will back you up! These guys will help you deal with any problems at hand.

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线Take a closer look at the collection of best looking html dashboard templates and choose the item to fit your project!

Key Features


亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线Built with HTML5 and CSS3, each template from this category has a semantically accurate, clean and valid code. It will secure your site against overloading and maximize its loading times in different web environments.

Cross-Browser Support

All the admin templates from our collection function equally well in all the modern web browsers. It means you can keep using your admin panel in the browser you are comfortable with, be it Mozilla, Opera, IE, Chrome or any other alternative of the modern day.

Theme Options

Change styles of these admin templates by simply pointing and clicking. A built-in theme options panel allows you to switch between different header, sidebar and layout styles with a single click.

Bootstrap 3

These admin templates utilize rich functionality of Bootstrap 3. Based on a responsive grid, this flexible framework gives you an access to SASS files, CSS components and JavaScript functions.


Extend your current CSS properties by incorporating LESS components into your site. These Bootstrap admin templates provide a solid basis for wider personalization by means of mixins, variables, functions and other techniques.

Admin Tools

The templates featured in this category come with admin tools of different kinds, particularly plugins, forms and layouts. With their help, you will have a lot of functional capabilities at hand to make the most of your website management.

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Tommy Andersen

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线Nice ready to go Charts and a lot of others things. to play with

Pascal Corstjens

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频|亚洲 欧美 中文 日韩Av在线Very complete admin template, easy to implement. Ive used this to build my cms modules, it looks very nice

Matt Mathias

This template is a great admin panel, it has beautiful modules, they should update it for bootstrap 4.

William McMahon

Nice template - some great example pages which can easily be reused

Nassim Aouragh

Its a pretty, complete and very elegant template. The graphic elements are very beautiful and the Javascript elements ar...

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